Bacon: AKA: Back Bacon, Rashers Less fat and thicker slices  
Irish Style Bacon - 1/2 and 1 pound
Danish - British say it's the best bacon in the world           
Boiling Bacon 2 lbs. - boil 10 minutes, throw water away boil 1hr w/ vegetables and potatoes
Bfree Gluten Free Wheat FREE White bread, Ireland
Brennans Pre-sliced: White Batch or Pan Wholemeal Pan, Ireland
Puff Pastry  make your own sausage rolls or pies
Potato Scones (Scottish)-A flat triangle shaped
Soda Bread- wholemeal pre-sliced or white w/ raisins
Soreen - Malt Loaf, England
Yorkshire Puddings- Aunt Bessie’s 12 pre-made in the oven, England
Double Devon Cream  -slightly salted, England
Colliers’ Welsh Butter –sea salt form the Anglesey Sea, Wales
Goats- slightly salted from York, England
KerryGold Spread- Ireland blend of butter & vegetable oils, Ireland         
Haddock & Kippers boil in the bag with a pat of butter England
Donegal Catch 4 Fillets of Atlantic Cod in golden crumb, Ireland
Bridies ground beef in a flaky shell
Shepherd's Pie ground Beef, onion, peas and carrots topped with mashed potato
Meat Pies (Scottish Style)-Seasoned ground beef in a pastry shell
Pork Pies:
Ground pork (eat hot )
With Blue Cheese Ground pork with Blue cheese (eat cold)
Made from scratch, Traditional Melton Mowbray style with Love (& jelly aka aspic!)
Individual two pack (2x 5oz)  and   1.5 pound Party Pork Pie
(v) Caramelized onion and cheddar in a plain scone, crimped on top
(v) Vegetable Curry onions, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, garlic, mushrooms, red peppers
in a plain scone, crimped on top
2 pack Ground beef, carrots, potatoes wrapped in short crust pastry
Original Cornish Traditional hand cut Angus steak, potato & rutabaga (Swede aka Turnip)
Chicken & Veggies Chicken, mushrooms & veggies in a cream sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken in a creamy Indian curry Masala sauce
Steak & Mushroom Angus steak, mushroom, onions & potatoes
Steak & Guinness Ground Angus steak, Guinness, onions & potatoes
Beef Curry Ground Angus steak, onions & potatoes
Haggis McPasty Stahly's Haggis (Lamb’s heart & liver, pork) gently seasoned, potato (tatties) &
Rutabaga ‘(Neeps) and a Wee Dram of genuine Scotch Whisky
(v) Cheese & Onion Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Parmesan with onions and seasonings
(v) Spinach & Feta Creamy spinach, folded with onions, feta & Parmesan
(v) Curried Veggies Potato, carrot. Onion. Swede, peas, tomato & hot spices
(v) Veggies & Cheese Broccoli, peas, potatoes 4 different cheeses and tomato marinara
Sausage Pork:
Bangers 1lbs package
Cocktail 24 links
Chipolata 12 links
Jumbo 8 links
Big Ben 6 links
Ground Sausage Meat
Black Pudding ½ lbs or 1lbs-  with blood- British /Irish Style
Cumberland 1 lbs  Crackermeal, White Pepper, Ground Spices
Haggis - Scottish Tradition, Lamb’s Liver, Beef, Oatmeal   
Lincolnshire – Crackermeal, Sage Leaves, White Pepper, Ground Spices
White Pudding ½ lbs or 1lbs- British/Irish Style
Sausage Beef:
Bangers 1 LBS 9 links
Lorne Beef Patties 4 patties
12 Mini Baked: Raisin, Plain, Mixed Berry,
or Kate & Wills (Chocolate & Toffee) or Blueberry Lemon
4 Large Baked  Raisin, Ireland
Welsh Cakes:
6 in a pack: Raisin, or Chocolate Orange or Apricot and Sunflower Seed
Sweet Pasties: Best served with custard of course!
Apple: Granny Smith apples raisins and cinnamon
Peaches N’ Apricot: peaches & apricots, compote style
Harry Potters Pumpkin A Hogwarts Pumpkin pasty
All items are Frozen. Sorry we do not ship these items
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